Hinami Shimizu | 清水・妃波

Priestess | Healer | Geomancer | Tactician | Runaway Princess | Ryu Yokai

"Harmony must be preserved."

Basic Info

Name: Hinami Shimizu (清水・妃波)
Full Title: Divine Priestess of the Twin Dragons Watatsumi and Kuraokami, Shimizu no Hinami
Aliases: Nami, "Nami-chan", Tori, Winter Wind, Dove
Titles: Divine Priestess, Guuji
Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Raen Au Ra (?)
Age: Appears Young (18-20 ish)
Eyes: Ice Blue
Hair: Ocean Blue with white highlights
Height: 5 fulm
Weight: 115 ponze
Birthplace: Unknown
Birthdate: 26th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
Nationality: Doman
Occupation: Merc company leader, travelling healer, hydromancer, priestess/shrine maiden
Fluent: Common, Doman-Hingan, Dalmascan, Xaelic, Ishgardian, Hannish
Learning: Garlean
IC Job: Geomancer (CNJ)
Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationship Status: Taken, Closed-ish

Weapons and Magic proficiencies:Master Level (Can teach): Geomancy (Water, Ice, Wind)
Extremely Proficient: Mixed martial arts
Proficient: Doman yumi, Doman dual blades
Never Used: Machine guns, axe, claymore, rapier, lance, katana, sword and shield, nouliths, scythe, gunblade

Other Skills:Master Level (Can teach): Alchemy, Religious Ceremonies
Extremely Proficient: Survival skills, surgery/physical medicine, baking
Proficient: Cooking (Eastern)

Likes: Romance Novels, Tea, Prayer, Feathers
Dislikes: Overtly Rude People, Nosy People


Unique Markings

Hinami is blessed with natural ocean blue hair that is typically brushed straight and braided at the back. She considers doing so every morning as part of her morning ritual and tends to not deviate from it.Her horns are extra sharp even by auri standards, and she is extremely careful not to bump into someone with them, as they might even puncture unprotected skin with enough of a bump, not to mention hurt the poor girl.Despite her reserved demeanor she is clearly fine with showing a lot of skin on certain outfits of hers, and her body is incredibly toned to boot, with visible abs and defined muscles all over.

Hinami has striking ice blue eyes that are said to pierce the soul. She is sure to accentuate them as one of her best features with carefully applied eyeliner and shadow to make them pop. They glow with an aetherial aura.She is adorned in a myriad of jewelry pieces. The tips of her horns are covered in decorative brass and sapphire, her horns sport water lily earrings and contain a decorative cobalt mesh with vivianite gems. On her neck is a leather corded necklace with a blue diamond along with a blue azurite metal feather. On her right arm she wears a gold and silver bracelet which encases what appears to be a large emerald soul crystal. Lastly, the jingle of gold chain from the tip of her tail accompanies her walk.

Hinami is inked with irezumi, traditional eastern ink. On her back lay the intertwining of two eastern dragons. One silver scaled, another blue. Someone who is well versed in the Kami would recognize them as Kuraokami and Watatsumi, respectively.


Hinami carries with her into battle a cane of the blessed serpent Seiryu. It's supposedly a relic that has been in her possession for quite some time, and is imbued with a power magic that seems locked behind...something. Perhaps in time she will learn to harness its true power fully...

Hinami wears a small leather necklace around her neck that she rarely takes off, even when in the bath. It's supposedly just a memento from a time long ago, but keen eyes might note that the gem in the center pulses with a certain special type of aether. What she actually uses the necklace for is a mystery, but she will adamantly deny and deflect any attempt to discern the true nature of it.

In the blue hair of the raen one may spot a black feather. It appears preserved somehow, be it with magic or other means. She is extremely against anyone attempting to touch it, and when prodded where she received it, she will simply respond with this: "A long time ago, a very lovely raven bequeathed me his feather. I cherish it to this day, a sign of the trust this bird and I once shared."

Though used mostly for ceremonial purposes and in religious rituals, a dagger is still a dagger, and Hinami carries a Yukikaze Clan tanto with her wherever she goes. She is simply hopeful that she does not have to draw the blade dubbed Shisui save for the most grave or dire of circumstance.

One could hardly be considered a guuji of their own shrine without a gohei in their arsenal. The ceremonial rods, adorned with the 'zig-zag' tapestry on them, are often said to help in cleansing rituals. What manner of magic is actually channeled through the foci to facilitat in that is unknown, but one thing is for certain, Hinami treasures the relic.


Hinami Shimizu is a strong willed woman. Driven by her devotion to the twin dragon kami Watatsumi of water and Kuraokami of ice, she finds her faith guiding much of her decisions. Affable and benevolent, as a head priestess she is seen as easily approachable and easy to talk to.Beneath that, she is a trained healer who wishes to help those whom she crosses who are in need of her powers. Hinami believes healing to be an extension of the water dragon's will, and as such will do it without question and for no compensation. Overall, one might call her a bit self sacrificing, wishing to do the right thing as it is the Kami's will.She will be relatively guarded around anyone asking too many deep or prying questions, but over her years has learned how to deflect flawlessly from those looking a bit too deep. However, if one is respectful, she will be very open about much of her life or thoughts.A cunning strategist as well, she's a mind for tactics. They say she is the only person to consistently best Lord Yukikaze in chess.All that said, sometimes her work gets ahead of her, as do social obligations. She often can be seen retreating to what sanctuaries she keeps, mostly for a nap.

Roleplay Hooks

Nurturing Healer: Hinami is a travelling healer by nature. If she sees someone injured she will always do her best to lend aid, even if there is danger afoot!

Blessed Aether: As a Divine Priestess, Hinami sports a unique aetherial signature. If your character is at all sensitive to aether, hers would feel extremely pure and dense.

Be purged!: Her duties as a priestess include the purification of corrupted or malginant aether wherever she sees it. Those who are afflicted seeking cure may find succor in the raen.

Betwixt Soul: Hinami has bound herself to a budding kitsune spirit, nurturing her and giving her a fraction of her aether and abilities in order to help promote harmony even while she is physically away. This kitsune, Eve, is now her will incarnate wherever she goes.

Adventurer: One untraveled in the west, Hinami has fully embraced her new position as an adventurer on the side, and is now always on the look out for a new travels!

Friendly Baker: One of the raen's side hobbies is baking! She's not amazing at it, and mostly sticks to eastern sweets, but is always willing to try a new recipe or share something sweet!

Animal Lover: Hinami tends to have an unusual affinity for animals. They seem to love her wherever she is! Perhaps you have a pet that approached the raen before you did?

Frigid Soul: One might assume a raen to be cold blooded and afraid of the snow, but that couldn't be further from the truth. She loves the mountains and cold, especially a good snowball fight if someone is up for it, and even radiates an icy aura!


Notable Contacts

Romantic Contacts

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♥ = Spouse ♡ = Partner ! = Combat Connection × = Student ? = It's complicated ❥ = Crush

Yori Kawakami ♥, !:
My Moonlight
"My moonlight, returned at last...how I have missed the nights with you, how I will never let you go again. Words fail to express how lonely I was without you by my side. I will cherish our time together all the more now..."

Lucifer Yukikaze ♡, !, ?:
My Ichigo
"He is- they are, very wonderful. In the short time I do feel a connection, and they are very patient with me, despite my fumbling...they've always been kind and caring, truly wonderful. I feel...at ease around them, which is quite rare...he has a tendency to get into trouble, but life is meaningless if it is boring. I just pray, that he comes out of it all in one piece..."

Xuegah Nhutu ♡, !:
My Honey
"A huntress at home with bow in hand. She is in harmony with nature, and that is something we have in common. I've grown so close to her...I feel as if I can tell her anything. She's kind, gentle, all of these things that she rarely shows anyone else, but that I am lucky enough to glimpse. I will preserve that smile of hers, that happiness...whatever it takes."

Siol Kalix ♡, !:
"She honestly seemed to come out of nowhere...and yet...well, how do I begin? Despite her lack of combat prowess, that spirit and want to protect others no matter what shined true. Her good nature and sweet demeanor are captivating, to say nothing of how I envy her people skills. I meant it when I told her, should he learn a weapon, she'd have her pick of any woman she wishes. I'm thankful for now, that woman is me..."

Momoe Tsuda ♡, !:
Curious Breeze

R'hyfann Tyava ♡, !:
Magitek Mage

Thank you for reading!

Contact me any time! In game and out.Hinami is not a currently active character, and can be roleplayed in game with via Mare + Glamourer.I'm in Eastern US timezone, and am mostly available in the evenings. I'm always up for RP, and finding a consistent RP partner.I'm open to pre-existing relationships, just discuss it with me out of character. Hinami has a long past but it doesn't span much of the world, still she might have crossed paths with your character!There's also information intentionally left off of this profile for discovery via RP! Don't think you know everything on the ryu already!I'm also available for Discord RP, though this is not my primary means of roleplay.Remember to always be courteous and kind out-of-character!IGN - Evoh Rhaal - Balmung
Discord - NamiMizu#0001

Plot Arcs (Get involved!)

Betwixt Soul:
Hinami has agreed to bind her incorporeal form to a younger, weaker yokai to nurture her and teach her. She formerly used to distrust this yokai, but the two have begun a mutual friendship with one another. Occasionally she will take control of this yokai's form and appear as her raen self in order to enact her will.
"If we do this...when we do this...I will be a part of you. Together, we will achieve your goal so long sought after, and then...perhaps we will know peace and harmony."

Harmony in All Things:
Chosen by birth to wield a sanctified relic of Seiryu, Hinami is on a quest to figure out what the purpose of it all is. All she has gleaned from a visit home was the staff is said to help balance the nigimitama and arimitama of auspices and yokai. Where that will lead will take time to tell.
"I do not know why I was chosen, but I know that I have a duty to find out what it all means..."

The Runaway Ryu Hime:
Refusing to follow her fathers wishes to ascend to lead her village and leave the mortal realm behind, Hinami is defiantly still travelling the star, leading her company and serving the Yukikaze clan. Now, she is watching over her shoulder for her father's intervention.
"We live outside the mortal realm, we do not swear fealty to them!"